Custom Domain Affiliate Dashboard

Note: This feature is only available to Plus, Pro or Premium customers.

A custom domain for your affiliate dashboard allows affiliates to access their dashboard at a URL like instead of

To use a custom domain name such as, create a CNAME through your DNS provider and point it to

Enabling a Custom Domain:

Configure your DNS settings with your provider BEFORE enabling the custom domain setting within LeadDyno, because as soon as you configure your DNS setting, we will redirect the old `` to your custom domain name. LeadDyno does not offer DNS management services nor are we a DNS consultant. 

Contact your DNS provider

Each DNS provider is different, so we recommend contacting your DNS provider for detailed instructions on how to set up a  CNAME record.

Add the CNAME record

Follow your DNS provider’s instructions to create a  CNAME record for a subdomain such as affiliates that points to Your DNS changes can take over a full day to update and the wait varies among DNS and hosting providers.

Confirm that your DNS record is set up correctly

Use the dig command with your custom domain. Using a custom domain as an example:

dig +nostats +nocomments +nocmd
;                     IN      A              3592    IN      CNAME                    43192   IN      CNAME   < LEADDYNO-SERVER >.
< LEADDYNO-SERVER >.                 22      IN      A       54.XX.XX.XXX

Change LeadDyno Configuration

After setting up the  CNAME record with your provider, go to the LeadDyno Dashboard and then select Website -> Setting -> Custom Domain, type in your custom domain name without the leading http:// into the Custom Domain box.

Your custom domain name should now be ready to use at

SSL Support

After confirming your domain properly has the CNAME pointed to LeadDyno, LeadDyno will obtain an SSL certificate for your affiliate dashboard domain such that all traffic to your affiliate dashboard will be protected and secure.

All requests to the non-SSL version of your affiliate dashboard will be automatically redirected to the SSL-enabled version.

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.