Affiliate Newsletters

Affiliate newsletters let you keep your affiliates engaged in selling your product. You can use them to let your affiliates know about new features, sales, or products you have, as well as providing them updates on the affiliate program (e.g. congratulating a top affiliate.) Affiliate newsletters are sent via email to your affiliates.

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Creating An Affiliate Newsletter

You can create a new Affiliate Newsletter by clicking the New Affiliate Newsletter button on the Affiliate Newsletter section within Affiliates - Emails.

You will be taken to the Newsletter editor:


You can pick any email address you’d like to use for your sending your affiliate newsletters, but LeadDyno will need to validate your ownership of the email address before publishing the newsletter.


You can choose if the newsletter is going to be sent to all of your affiliates or if you are going to send the newsletter in question to specific affiliate groups.


A meaningful subject will help your open rate, but try to avoid making it appear too much like a spam subject to avoid being filtered by your affiliates' email systems.

Newsletter Body

This is the content of your newsletter, which will be sent to all your (non-archived) affiliates. See below for tips on writing an effective newsletter body.

Once you are done editing the newsletter, you can click Save. Note that this will not publish the newsletter.

Writing Effective Affiliate Newsletters

Your affiliates and resellers will appreciate getting the “inside track” from you in the form of an affiliate newsletter. Hearing from you directly will keep them engaged and motivated as they sell your products and programs.

Here are a few tips for writing effective affiliate newsletters that help your “virtual sales team” sell:

  • When you’ve got something new, let your affiliates know first. They will appreciate the inside scoop.
  • Update your “one-click” social sharing content with fresh materials - so that they can spread the word as soon as they get your email.
  • Have new banner ads? Get those uploaded before you send the newsletter too.
  • Make sure your commissions are up-to-date… and pay bonuses when appropriate!
  • Upcoming commissions are the first thing your affiliates will check when they hear from you. From a motivational standpoint, you can’t beat having upcoming money teed up for them.

Affiliate newsletters should balance the length of content with actionable items (see “Embedding Content” below.)

Do not assume that your affiliates have the time to deeply understand your new features or your offer, and make it as simple as possible for them to get your marketing message through to their channels.

Embedding Content In Your Newsletter

An effective way to engage your affiliates is to include marketing content in your newsletter. LeadDyno allows you to create “One Click” content sharing links in your newsletters so that affiliates can share the content directly from their newsletter. Below are two examples of embedding content.

Example 1: Embedding A Tweet

Create a new tweet, as outlined in the marketing content. On the information page for the tweet, click the Copy Sharing URL button:

Now, in your newsletter, create a link to that sharing URL by creating some text that explains the tweet and select that text, then click the  link button and select Insert Link:

Now paste in the sharing URL that you copied and click  Insert

Congratulations, you’ve now created an embedded one-click tweet in your newsletters! When an affiliate clicks on the link they will be sent directly to twitter to publish the tweet.

Example 2: Embedding A Banner

As with a tweet, you’ll first need to create a banner in the marketing content area. In this case I recommend you open the information page for the banner in a new tab, because you will be copying two elements.

First, you can copy the HTML for the banner by highlighting the banner in the  Body section and hitting CTRL-C.

You can then switch to the tab you are composing your newsletter in and insert the banner by hitting  CTRL-V

Now return to the banner tab and click Copy Sharing URL. Switch back to the newsletter editor and add a descriptive link below the banner, using the copied sharing URL:

When your affiliate clicks on this link, they will be taken to a specialized version of the banner containing their tracking link:

which they can then copy and share.

Testing Your Newsletter

After you have saved your newsletter, you will likely want to test the newsletter out before sending it off to make sure that the formatting and content are all rendering correctly. To do so click on the  Send Test button, which will prompt you for an email to send a test version of the newsletter.

Once you have verified that the newsletter appears the way that you’d like it to, you are ready to publish.

Publishing Your Newsletter

To publish your newsletter, click the  Publish button. LeadDyno will begin publishing your newsletter and will show a progress bar (as well as a cancel button).

Congratulations, you’ve published your first affiliate newsletter!

Scheduling Newsletters

Each newsletter can be scheduled so that it doesn't go out immediately. You can set this up during the newsletter publishing process.

Newsletter Archives

All newsletters that you create will be available on your affiliate dashboard under the  Newsletters tab, so even if an affiliate joins your program after you publish a newsletter, they will have an opportunity to read the newsletters and utilize the content in them. Currently, the only way to hide a newsletter is to delete it on the affiliate newsletter list page in your account. 

As always, are here to help. Contact us at any time and our Support team will be there for you.