Intro to Tracking Campaigns

LeadDyno makes it easy to apply the same tracking logic used for your affiliate program to other online channels, via  Tracking Campaigns.

You can create distinct tracking campaigns for your various online marketing channels (such as Email and AdWords) and see exactly how many clicks, leads, conversions and cancellations you are getting from each channel.

Creating a Tracking Campaign

To create a new Tracking Campaign, click the Tracking menu item in the left side navigation menu. Next click the Create New Tracking Campaign

Fill out the form and click  Save Campaign


Campaign Code

This is the short name/code for the campaign (e.g. AdWords - Affiliate Tracking)


This is an optional field allowing you to give the campaign a more descriptive name

Group Name

This is an optional field allowing you to give campaigns within the same group a common tag. It is used, for example to group all your (automatically generated) Affiliate Newsletter campaigns together.

Using a Tracking Campaign

Once you’ve created a Tracking Campaign, you will be taken its dashboard:

where you can see the unique tracking link for the campaign.

You can copy the link to your clip board by clicking the  Copy To Clipboard button, and then use that link as the target for your online marketing efforts.

Changing the Campaign’s target URL

The tracking information in the campaign link is encoded in the trailing hash. You can change the URL before the hash to point to any destination you’d like. So the above campaign link could be modified to and will continue to track correctly.

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