Managing Marketing Content

LeadDyno allows you to create and manage marketing content that can be used by your affiliates, as well as linked to directly from your own website. You can manage your content by selecting menu item in the left side navigation section:

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To get started adding content for affiliates to share visit Content. Here you will see a list of content that you have created, the number of shares and options on where the content is displayed on the affiliate's website. 

The sharing timeline will show when, what and who share each piece of affiliate content.

Click on  Details and and a menu with an option to edit or preview a specific piece of content. 

Add Content

You can add content by selecting the “Add Content” button:

Next pick your content type, which will take you to the content editor, where you can compose your content. You are able to add a Facebook post, email, Tweet, LinkedIn post, Blog content, banner, Pinterest Pin, text message or Whatsapp message.

The content editor lets you all aspects of the content that will vary depending on the type of content.

For all channels, a body is available. The body will either be HTML (email and banner/html content) or plain text. Within the body of your content you can freely use links to your sites and these links will be automatically transformed into affiliate links by LeadDyno when we show the content to your affiliate. Simply add your website URL

So, for example, if you have the following tweet:

Wow, this is amazing!

When an affiliate shared the content, it will be modified to:

Wow, this is amazing!

Where the affiliates tracking code is appended to the URL.

Note On Affiliate Discount Codes

If you are running an affiliate program that uses discount codes rather than tracking links, you can use the $CODE$ variable in your content body to represent the affiliates discount code:

Variable in your content body to represent the affiliates discount code:

Check it out!  Get 10% off using discount code '$CODE$

will become

Check it out!  Get 10% off using discount code 'l1'

Content Details

After content is created you will be taken to a detail page, which will show information about the content:

In particular, the content will be given a content URL, highlighted in the image above. This URL can be used to link to the content from anywhere, including your own website, newsletters, etc. This page will also feature stats on when the content has been shared as well as a feed/timeline of shares by who and when. 

Primary Content

Content that you mark as “Primary” will be the content used for these links that appear on the Affiliate Website Dashboard. Only one piece of content per channel can be the primary content. The primary social link channels can not be hidden or removed. 

Primary content also has a special set of URLs that you can link to. If your LeadDyno affiliate site is at then the following URLs are linked to your primary content:

In the example below the Primary Tweet is highlighted by the pink box. To change the Primary Tweet make sure you have already added other Tweets and look for Make Primary and click it. Doing so will change the primary tweet. Do the same for any email, tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn post.

Marketing Materials

You may have additional content such as banners, other tweets or Facebook posts, etc. that you want your affiliates to have access to besides the Primary content. You can mark them as “On” or "Off" on the Content page.  to set whether they should appear on Marketing Materials page on the Affiliate Website. 

If they are set to "ON" they will then appear on the Marketing Materials page of the Affiliate Website as seen below. If they are "OFF" the content will not appear on the affiliates in the Marketing Materials page. Please note that if the content is your primary content it will still appear in the Social Sharing Links on the affilate's dashboard. 

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