MLM - Multi Level Affiliate Setup

Multi-level marketing is a popular way to incentivize affiliates to recruit other affiliates by giving them additional credit for any purchases that their sub-affiliates generate.

LeadDyno supports Multi-Level affiliate programs with two tools:

  • Multi-level commission plans
  • An easy affiliate invitation UI within the Affiliate Dashboard

Multi-level Commission Plans

Configuring a multi-level commission plan is simple. Let’s say you have a basic commission plan that pays 30% out to an affiliate on any sale:

Now you want to make this a multi-level plan and pay an additional 5% to the affiliate who recruited this affiliate.

Create a new plan payment, fill in the 5% commission and then click the Hide/Show button below the Advanced Options label:

Here you select the Parent Affiliate option.

Click save, and your commission plan should look like this: 

So you are set up to now pay 10% to the affiliate who drove the sale, and an additional 5% to the parent affiliate of that affiliate, if there is one.

You can add payments of Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and Great-Great Grandparents, giving you up to five levels to work with.

Enabling Easy Affiliate Invitations

If you set up a multi-level commission plan, you probably want to make it easy for affiliates to invite other affiliates.

To do so, head over to the Dashboard Customization section of LeadDyno, and select the Invitations Tab:

Slide the Invite Other Affiliates Tab to the On position.

You can then fill out a brief introduction for your affiliates which will be shown above the invitation form. You can use this to spell out exactly what sort of reward the affiliates should expect.

Finally, you must fill out a template for the email that the affiliates send. This email should spell out to the invited affiliates exactly why they should join the program. We recommend you make it a relatively personal email rather than marketing heavy, to get better responses.

This email must contain a link back to the acceptance URL (the default template will already have this link in it) which is:

  • http://your leaddyno

Where you have substituted in your leaddyno domain.

Manually Managing Parent Affiliates

If you want to manually set the parent affiliate for a affiliate, simply edit the affiliate and enter the email of the parent affiliate:

And that’s all you need to start your own multi-level affiliate marketing program using LeadDyno.

Sometimes getting things setup just right can be a bit tricky, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

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