Customizing Your Affiliate Home Screen

Your  Affiliate Home Page / Affiliate Website is the home page for your LeadDyno-powered affiliate program. You can find a link to it on your account page here and it will look something like .

You can customize the entire look, feel, and content of your  Affiliate Home Page on the Configure Affiliate Website page within LeadDyno.

Customization Options

Enable Custom Headers

By turning on  Enable Custom Header you can change the content of the header of your Affiliate Dashboard by using the Custom Header Content editor. This allows you to embed images, change the title of the Affiliate Home Page and so on.

Site Accent Color

By default your Affiliate Home Page will use LeadDyno green as it’s accent color. If you wish to change this, you can set it using the  Site Accent Color color picker. This is a great way to brand your Affiliate Home Page.

Website Introduction Content

If you’d like to customize the text content on your homepage, you can provide custom content in the  Website Introduction Content editor. You might use this to tell potential affiliates what your commission structure is, or stress certain terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

Custom CSS

By enabling  Custom CSS you gain full control over the styling of your Affiliate Home Page. LeadDyno will load the CSS file you specify in the Custom CSS URL and allow it to override the default styling.

Customizing Your Affiliate’s Dashboard

You can also customize the Affiliate Dashboard your affiliates will see, on the Configure Affiliate Dashboard page within LeadDyno

Customization Options

Dashboard Description

This editor allows you to customize the content that a logged in affiliate will see.

Compensation Description

This editor allows you to describe the compensation you offer your affiliates, and appears above the affiliate’s commissions information

Instructions Tab

This allows you to add an Instructions tab to your Affiliate Desktop, where you can offer instructions and general guidance to your affiliates, as well as outline terms and conditions of your affiliate program.

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