Affiliate Commission Plans

In order to pay out your affiliates, you will need to define Commission Plans that specify how much an affiliate receives for each purchase that they refer.

Creating An Affiliate Commission Plan

Click Commissions located on the left side menu, and click the ‘Add Payment’ button under the default plan:

Customization Options

Plan Code

This is the code for the given plan, and must be unique. You can use this code to pass in different compensation plans when you record a purchase, although many people only have one plan.

Default Plan

By checking this box, this plan will be used as the default plan if no plan code is included when a purchase is created.

Plan Currency

This allows you to set the currency of all the payments for this plan, which is useful if you have a multi-national affiliate program and wish to compensate affiliates in local amounts.

Enter Affiliate Commission Payments

The next step is to add commission payments to the plan. LeadDyno offers very flexible payment configuration

Payment Options

Payment For

LeadDyno allows you to choose between paying per purchase, lead, or visitor.

Payment Type

LeadDyno commission payments can either be a fixed amount or a percentage of sale. Note that if they are percentage of sale, you must include a purchase amount when you create purchases in LeadDyno.


Enter either a fixed amount or a percentage amount.

Payment Is Made (Payment Scheduling)

LeadDyno allows you to schedule affiliate payments in the future, so that you can wait to see if a purchase is valid or is cancelled before you pay out the commission payment. We typically recommend at least a one month delay, although some situations call for an immediate payment.

Repeats Monthly

LeadDyno allows you to have the commission recur on a monthly basis. This can be useful for subscription-based services that wish to grant some portion of their monthly revenue to an affiliate. It can also be used to spread a one-time payment over various months, so that if a cancellation occurs not all of the commission is paid out.

If you choose to have it repeat monthly you can also enter how many months you’d like it to repeat (or leave it blank for a perpetual-until-cancellation payment)

For Affiliate Type

You may want to offer different commissions to different types of affiliates. You can create payments that apply to specific affiliate types by selecting the affiliate type that a payment applies to.

Tier (Advanced)

If you are running a multi-tier affiliate program, you can set up payments to each tier using this drop down. Pick the tier that the given payment applies to.

Enter Plan Information

Next you may enter some basic plan information:

Finishing Up

When you are done, you can click ‘Done Creating Payments’, and your Affiliate Commission Plan will be complete. Note that you can edit the plan at any time.

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