Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management is very simple with LeadDyno. In a few clicks you can create, monitor and compensate your affiliates. By using automated affiliate emails and viral lead emails, you can automate the vast majority of your affiliate program.

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New Affiliate Setup

To create a new affiliate, click the Affiliate link in the Create drop down menu.

Affiliate Fields

Fill in at least an email address for the affiliate.


The Affiliates email address.

Affiliate Type

LeadDyno allows you to create different Affiliate Types and compensate them differently. This is useful if you have, for example, formal resellers that you wish to enter into a special agreement with.

First Name/Last Name

The Affiliates name.

Affiliate Code

A custom affiliate code for this affiliate (will be part of their affiliate link, and can be used in discount-code style affiliate programs).

Referring Affiliate

The affiliate who referred this affiliate. Used when setting up a Multi-tier Affiliate Program

Referrer domain

This field allows you to assign all traffic coming from a given domain to the affiliate. For example, if your affiliate has a blog a, you could set this value to and all visitors that came from that site would be assigned to the given affiliate, even if they didn’t click on an affiliate link.

Note that this feature uses the “Referer Header” of the customers browser, which has wide support in browsers today, but is not guaranteed to be available.

When you are done, click the  Save Affiliate button

Affiliate Overview Screen

After you create an affiliate, you will be taken to their overview screen:

On this screen you can monitor the affiliates progress, see how many commissions they are due and what commissions are upcoming, as well as see the specific visitors, leads and purchases they have driven.

Unique Affiliate Referral Link

Affiliates will send traffic your way via their unique affiliate referral link, which will track the clicks, leads, and conversions that come from each affiliate.You can copy this link by clicking the  Copy Link button.

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates can track their own progress in real-time via their affiliate dashboard. LeadDyno creates a single-signon link that you can send to your affiliate which will automatically log them in and show them their desktop:This link will take the affiliate to their affiliate dashboard. Here is an example:

You can also click on this link to automatically log yourself in as the affiliate, so you can see what their dashboard looks like.

Defining Visitors, Leads, and Purchases

Here’s how we define these terms in LeadDyno:

  • Visitor is a site visitor that clicks from somewhere else on the web to your website. We track the original source of this click (ie. affiliate, pay-per-click ad, blog post)
  • Lead is someone who gives you their email address (ie. signs up for your free newsletter)
  • Purchase results from a lead who purchases your product.

  • For some online businesses, the lead and conversion occur at the same time. For others, the lead is gathered prior to a sales cycle that results in the lead converting. Both approaches are supported by LeadDyno. It’s also important to note that LeadDyno tracks every sale back to its original lead source - no matter how much time passes between the conversion and its initial click.
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